Visual Storytelling excites me.

I get to Create and Collaborate with Talented Artists.

One of the Best Jobs in the World?


I'm not in a Band...

Well not yet anyway. The truth is I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and I moved to Los Angeles when I was 19 determined to be in the Movie Business.


I always had a Camera

I had been a still Photographer since I was very young, I learned to develop film and I took pictures that people loved. I wanted to be a Special FX Makeup Artist, so I went to school and shortly after started working in FX. Learning High Fashion Makeup changed everything for me. I got to combine my Photography with Makeup Artistry, then I became a Photoshop expert. Now everyone was looking great and eventually I incorporated motion picture and video work into my services.

About 2009 I made a major purchase. The first RED Camera hit the scene and I spent the next year educating people on shooting digital cinema workflows and calming the fears that came with the new technology. It was quite the adventure. 

Fast forward to today and I have been a Director of Photography for countless Film, TV and Online Projects. I work with several Celebrity Clients, you'll see a couple of them in the Gallery below.

I coach Filmmakers and I also teach my own Online filmmaking Courses right here at Creative HQ.

Thank you for joining me, lets go make some magic.

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