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The Director's Toolkit, The Essentials for successful Directing in Film

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OK, listen up directors I made this just for you. If you’re considering directing or maybe you’ve had a terrible experience directing before, you need The Director’s Toolkit. 

I’m going to teach you the real job of Directing. It may not be what you think it is. It’s the most recognized position on a film set, and everyone wants to do it. This is why I’m going to teach you the essentials you’ll need to know going in. 

Here’s a few things we’ll cover.

The Directors Mindset

What's Production Value?

Storyboards and Shot Lists

Working with the Actors

Working with the Crew and all the departments

Meet your best friend the first Assistant Director

Getting creative with Time and Money

Who's Editing this? Know the shots you need.

The three essentials to get what you want on the screen.

Single camera or multi camera?

The 180° rule

Designing shots with maximum production value (clean sound)

How to get work

The most valuable assets of a great Director

Don’t just direct

And so much more!

Be sure to watch the Video on the Online Course Page that explains all the details.