$149.00 USD

Camera Awareness for Actors: The Essential Guide For Your Best Performance

In this Quick Start Course you'll learn how to interact with the Camera and Lighting Crew to get an even better performance as an actor. Learn about Camera Language and you'll be even more confident the next time you step in front of the lens.

Learn from the Cinematographer:


  •  Where do I look? Eyelines
  •  Learn Lens Sizes and what they're seeing of you.
  •  Finding your Light.
  •  Working with Steadicam  
  •  Properly Hitting Marks and (what it looks like when you don't)
  •   Camera distance and movement.
  •  Creating a safe space, Your Personal Care Kit, Release Forms and more.


 You'll learn from Director of Photography, Ron McPherson and several members of his Film Crew. Ron is a National Geographic Certified Educator and an Educational Member of The SOC, The Society of Camera Operators. His Clients include, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawerence,  Universal, FOX, SONY, Disney and More. Ron is a Film Mentor and teaches students from all over the world.

This Course is designed with the highest concentration of Tips & Tricks in the shortest time so you can learn fast!