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Camera Awareness for Actors: The Essential Guide For Your Best Performance

Master the art of on camera performance with easy visual examples. Learn about Camera Language and how to interact with the Camera and Lighting Crew. You’ll get an better performance and you'll be even more confident the next time you step in front of the lens.



 Learn from Director of Photography Ron McPherson


  • Where do I look? EYE LINES.
  • Lens Sizes and what the CAMERA sees.
  • Finding your Light.
  • Working with Steadicam 
  • Camera distance and movement.
  • Properly Hitting Marks (what it looks like when you don't)
  • Creating a safe space.
  • Your Personal Care Kit, Release Forms.
  • Camera Language and more.

  • Scene Study with Meagan Good.
  • Sample Projects
  •  Time & Money Traps to watch out for and more.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, and welcome, I’m Ron McPherson and I’ll be your guide on your creative adventure. I’m excited to share with you the most important lessons I’ve learned working in movies. You can look me up on IMDB.com and see the cool movies I’ve done, celebrities I work with, awards, blah blah you get it.. Lets not waste anytime bragging about me. Instead this is all about you. I’ve designed this course based on the topics you want to know. I listened to my film family and I have solutions that work. I'm excited for you to join me on set.

"…a phenomenal teacher, and true life friend to dream and manifest with. "

Meagan Good
Actress/Director HARLEM, Shazam

  • Ok, here’s a few more things for you to know about me. And then lets get to the fun and start creating.

  • Author: Ego Fear and Filmmaking: A Survival Guide for Creatives.
  • National Geographic Certified Educator
  • IMDB The Internet Movie Database lists 83 Film & TV Credits
  • (SOC) Society of camera operators Educational member
  • Film mentor, Guest Speaker , your new best friend

     Lets bring your stories to life!



"One of the greatest tools an actor can have is being aware of what and how the camera sees them. Having worked with Ron in the film HIGH MOON, I had the great fortune to always be made to look good thanks to Ron's wisdom, experience, and technical know-how behind the camera!"

Chad Micheal Collins
Sniper, Call Of Duty

"..its amazing that Ron created a class to help actors with this. I learned so much from working with him on a feature, he truly has a gift for helping actors hone their craft.""

Chelsea Edmundson
American Gigolo, Roswell, Army of the Dead

Who Can Benefit From This Course?

This course is for you if:

  • You’re On camera talent and need a trusted guide.
  • You feel like you’re not getting the results you want.
  • You’re ready to take the next step to a happier, healthier career.
  • You get bored in long, drawn out lessons, I got you.
  • You want to put the fun back in creativity and lessen the stress.
  • You want better knowledge and more confidence on set.
  • You want to see easy, visual examples.
  • You want better resources that actually work.
  • You get confused at the tech talk, I’ve got you covered.


This course is not for you if:

  • You do not want to learn fast and supercharge your creativity.
  • You want to get ahead for free quickly and think YouTube is better.
  • You want a long, drawn out course that might put you to sleep.
  • You think this is just like every other course.
  • You think already know all this. Go you!

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